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Stefan Karlsson
Born: Stockholm, Sweden

Height: 1.90m

Recent ranking: 81

Profession: Aviation industry

Career highlights: * been able to watch and jam with King Hudoklin * making it to Euro Champs 84 * traveling and meeting players all over the world * 1 year in San Diego 91-92 * hosting Swedisc Open 93 & 95 * winning National, European, World and US Open titles

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Media exposure: Various local, national and international media

Mentor(s): Jan Ekman, Henrik Uggla, Joey Hudoklin, Chip Bell, Dave Schiller, Tommy Leitner, Skippy Jammer, Krae Van Sickle, Crazy John Brooks, Larry Imperiale, Jim (Schmal) Benson, Richie Smiths, Craig Smith

Started playing: 1979 / 1981 as Overall player

How I started playing: The Swedish Frisbee Association co-sponsored a tour with the V-Brothers in late 70s. This caused a Frisbee interest in Sweden which a bunch of kids in Linköping really got hooked on&

Favorite move: Tipping, skids/against the spin moves, brushing, and anything I havent done for a while

Other fun: Spending time with my 6-year old daughter Ida. Oh yeah, and Laerbs took me surfing at FPA Worlds Hawaii with Joakim & Bethany :-)

Partners past & present: Joakim Arveskär (since 1982-todate), Jan Ekman, Roland Karlsson, Andreas Jaderyd, and various other Swedes, and various other Danish/Finish/German/American/Japanese players.

After spending many years on the tour as an Overall-player, I was bored with the limitation many of the other disc-events have. You did the same throw more or less all the time, practising too often by yourself, in order to maybe be able to throw the disc a little longer& I found what I was looking for in freestyle. The unlimited world of freestyle offer so much, so it is hard to understand that not all disc-players are freestylers. For me it today is the best thing to do&

Every time I play, I seek variety and flow. I want it to be a lot of movement in the jam, a lot of passing and running around. Move the disc to your partner in a smooth way, and keep the flow going. Combine the easy passes with some tough/risky stuff once the jam is ready for it, but always be prepared to go one step down to make the flow going. Stay alert and have split-vision, what is happening, where will your partner set the disc for you?

I love playing with the smaller disc, 40-, 50- 60- or 100-mold. It makes your hand sensitive and you can do a lot of touch-brushing, and shorter combinations. It also is a great warm-up before bringing on the big disc.

I try to vary my game as much as possible, but I always end up with a lot of tipping, brushing and skid/against-play.

Freestyle changed my life&

Tournament Results
Results are current through 1992
Please email us if there are errors. This list will be complete through 1974 in a year or so.

Event Victories
2005 Swedish Overall Championships Uppsala Sweden Open Pairs
2004 Swedisc Open Bollnas Sweden Open Pairs
2001 Swedisc Open Halmstad Sweden Open Pairs
2000 Swedish National Championships Uppsala Sweden Open Pairs
1999 Swedish Championships Uppsala Sweden Open Pairs
1998 Swedish Qualifier #1 Uppsala Sweden Open Pairs
1997 Swedisc Open Kalmar Sweden Open Pairs
1996 Swedisc Championships Uppsala Sweden Open Pairs
1995 Swedish Qualifications #2 Malmo Sweden Open Pairs
1992 Swedish Championships Stockholm Sweden Open Pairs
All tournament victories (entered in the database so far) for Stefan Karlsson are shown above.
Finals Appearances at Major Events (excluding wins)
Rank Event Name Location Division
9.  2006 FPA World Championships Berlin Germany Open Pairs
8.  2003 FPA World Freestyle Championships Rimini Italy Open Pairs
7.  1998 FPA World Championships Seattle, WA US Co-op
5.  1997 WFDF World Championships Helsinki Finland Co-op
7T.  1990 U.S. Open La Mirada, CA US Co-op
Finals Appearances at Non-Major Events (excluding wins)
Rank Event Name Location Division
2.  2006 EFC Roma, Italy Italy Co-op
6.  2006 EFC Roma, Italy Italy Open Pairs
2.  AmsterJam 2005, the European Freestyle Championships Amsterdam Netherlands Open Pairs
3.  AmsterJam 2005, the European Freestyle Championships Amsterdam Netherlands Co-op
2.  2002 Swedish Championships Do you know? Sweden Open Pairs
4.  1995 Swedisc Open Linkoping Sweden Open Pairs
Only a partial list of results are shown above.
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