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Arne Bratenstein
Born: Stuttgart, Germany

Height: 175 cm

AKA: still awaiting nickname

Recent ranking: 198

Profession: Webdesign

Check out this player's website.

Sponsor: - beautiful Frisbees! Sponsor link

Career highlights: Amsterjam 2004, Netherlands (my first tournament), Jam & Go Nuremberg 2004, Germany (rebirth of german freestyle), Scandia Land 2005, Denmark (jamming for beer with Tom)

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Media exposure: Local magazines and regional television

Mentor(s): The ZEN Video and all the jammers I met: Fabio, Tom, Toddy, John and many more... Thank you!

Started playing: 2002

How I started playing: As a kid i saw Freestyle on TV. I gave it a try & gave up after a few throws. At age 30 I decided to try again - and to not give up! After watching the FPA Worlds in Rimini 2003 and meeting all the players I knew I had found what I was looking for.

Favorite move: I love the feeling when actually catching a scarecrow!

Other fun: I spend too much time in front of the computer... I believe in love!

Partners past & present: Kolja Hannemann (Germany), Timmy Broxap (UK), Markus Janssen (Germany)

I love to introduce new people to freestyle and teach them what i am able to. Playing with kids is also great!

I love to spread the jam and do so thru my german Freestyle Website and as Coordinator for Freestyle in the German Frisbee Association.

Together with the Berlin Jammers i organize the first German Indoor Freestyle Championsships after a long time in April 2005.

It's great to be part of the Freestyle Family!

Tournament Results
Results are current through 1992
Please email us if there are errors. This list will be complete through 1974 in a year or so.

Finals Appearances at Non-Major Events
Rank Event Name Location Division
12.  German Indoor Freestyle Championships 2005 Berlin Germany Open Pairs
10.  Turboshred ... jam and go ... 2004 ... Nuremberg Nuremberg Germany Indiv. Open
Other Results (excluding finals)
Rank Event Name Location Div./Round
8.  2004 Amsterjam Amsterdam Netherlands Open Format Prelims
6.  2004 Amsterjam Amsterdam Netherlands Open Format Prelim Playoff
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