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Claudio "Clay" CollerÓ
Born: Monterotondo (Rome, Italy)

Height: 168 cm.

AKA: Clay

Recent ranking: 3

Major titles: 2

Profession: Clerk in Engineering Industry

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Career highlights: Italian Champ 1984 to now; European Champ 1986 and 2006 to now; Paganello Champ 2004 to now; World Champion 2008 & 2010 and other lots of victories in tournaments all around the world...

Media exposure: Lots of TV shows on: RAI1, RAI2, RAI3, CANALE5, RETE4, ITALIA1, MTV Italia, MTV Europe, SKY, SKYSPORT; starring in the video clip "Colla" by the "Prozac+" band; some interviews on Italian radios and lots of articles on Italian national newspapers.

Appearances: Tour (Italy and Europe) for Cinzano, Algida, Fanta, Nintendo, Danone, Dash, Philips, Nike, Jeep, Sky, Eurosport, Adriatic Coast; shows at Olympic Winter Games, Universiadi, Viareggio Carnival, Fitness Exhibition (Miami and Rimini) and lots of others.

Started playing: 1978

How I started playing:

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Favorite move: Blue flower (jaguar aquila) 2-2 blk rose 2.5 (is special secret Clay-exercise)

Other fun: All the other existing sports; travel; funny games; have fun.

Partners past & present: Lorenzo Apriani, Fernando Botrugno, Bibo Rosa, Mario Benzi, Paul Kenny, Tom Leitner, Matteo Gaddoni, Fabio Sanna, Joakim Arveskar, Reto Zimmerman, Claudio Cigna and many others...

Clay is the man that have founded the Cota Rica (the famous ultimate team from Rimini), and the Libera SocietÓ del Frisbee (the frisbee foundation).

He's the "frisbee-man" in Italy: played from 1978 and don't have stopped never!

Frisbee is a big passion, but the very love is freestyle. From 1984 is a Italian champion in freestyle, and all the day he play, on the Rimini beach.

For people of Rimini is famous and a friend: in summer, in winter, ever, Clay is on the beach, with his frisbee, and people that go for walking know him, and the city is the big Clay's fan!

The Clay's play is strong, energy, vitality.
Clay from 1981 speak " the next year I stop to play"...
Today Clay have speak "this year is the last. Really" But before there are Paganello, FPA 2004, Austria...

And now Clay has put all his experience in a new explosive group of freestyle frisbee shows: the Acrobatic Frisbee Team! (

Tournament Results
Results are current through 1992
Please email us if there are errors. This list will be complete through 1974 in a year or so.

Event Victories
Paganello World Freestyle Challenge Rimini Italy Mixed Pairs
FPA World Championships 2010 Seattle, WA US Co-op
Paganello Rimini, Italy Italy Co-op
2008 FPA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS! Bologna-San Lazzaro Italy Co-op
1st GP Citta di Forli 2007 Forli Italy Open Pairs
1st GP Citta di Forli 2007 Forli Italy Co-op
Rototom Sunsplash Frisbee Freestyle 2007 Osoppo - Udine Italy Open Pairs
2006 Roseto 'VOLA-VOLA' Roseto Italy Open Pairs
2006 EFC Roma, Italy Italy Open Pairs
Paganello 2006 Rimini Italy Co-op
Roma Shred 2005 Rome Italy Indiv. Open
2005 Versilia Cup - Burla Beach Cup Viareggio Italy Open Pairs
2005 Paganello Freestyle Challenge Rimini Italy Co-op
2004 Paganello Rimini Italy Open Pairs
2003 Romashred Indoor Tournament Rome Italy Indiv. Open
2002 Italian National Freestyle Championships Circeo Beach N.P. Italy Open Format
2001 Cappello Tournament Bologna Italy Open Pairs
All tournament victories (entered in the database so far) for Claudio "Clay" CollerÓ are shown above.
Finals Appearances at Major Events (excluding wins)
Rank Event Name Location Division
3.  2006 FPA World Championships Berlin Germany Open Pairs
4.  2006 FPA World Championships Berlin Germany Co-op
5.  FPA World Freestyle Frisbee Championships 2005 Seattle, WA US Co-op
3.  2004 FPA World Freestyle Frisbee Championships Rimini Italy Co-op
Only a partial list of results are shown above.
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