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Larry Imperiale
Evergreen, Colorado
Born: Redwood City, California

Height: 6' 1"

AKA: Laerbs

Recent ranking: 7

Major titles: 19

Profession: Software Developer

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Career highlights: Player of the Year 2002, Move of the Year 2001; Top Ranked Player 1994; Meeting amazing people worldwide like at the 2001 World Games Japan. Made final four of SuperHein mob-op division 2005!

Media exposure: ESPN, National Public Radio, MTV Europe, Outdoor Life Network, That's Incredible (as a kid :-), and more.

Appearances: NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS & NCAA football/basketball games, & school shows.

Mentor(s): Skippy Jammer, John "JJ" Jewell, Joey Hudoklin, Richie Smits, Bill Wright, Rick Castiglia, Corey Basso, Steve Lane and all the Chico Airheads & Sonoma UFOs.

Started playing: 1978

How I started playing: Started playing freestyle with Jim Terhorst, Alan Young, Mike Burns, Carl Dobson, Brian White, Lester Lloyd and Clark Tomlinson between computer classes at Chico State Univ. in California.

Favorite move: Running hard after a disc into a nice breeze on a brush/kick run, with flankers on the side.

Other fun: Mountain and road bike racing, powder skiing, logging

Partners past & present: Bill Wright, Skippy Jammer, Tom Leitner, Pat Marron, Rick Castiglia, Joel Rogers, Dave Schiller, Mikey Reid, Paul Kenny, Joey Hudoklin, Richie Smits, John Jewell, Steve Hubbard, Peter Rosing, Corey Basso, Randy Silvey, Ted Oberhaus, Jan Ekman, Clay Collera, Stacy McCarthy, Jim Terhorst, Brian White, Alan Young, Jamie Chantiles, Donny Wallace, Chip Bell & 50 more.

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Larry Imperiale is one of the legends of freestyle. The 2002 FPA World Pairs champ with Joel Rogers, "Laerbs" has been winning World Titles for 20 years yet is still among the top players.

Larry earned the prestigious "2002 Men's Player of the Year" Skippy Sez Award. According to Skippy Jammer, "It's unbelievable what Larry is doing. He continues to astound and amaze and seemingly gets better with age. There is probably no quirkier or identifiable style of play than his.

The cornerstones of his game are brushing, scarecrows, rolls & gitis, all in large amounts. An interesting element to his game is he rarely uses fake fingernails like almost all other competitors do.
His win in Pairs at the 2002 FPA Worlds continues to solidify him as one of the greatest freestyle competitors of all time. Think about this: he's tied for the most major titles with Joey Hudoklin. He's won tournaments in 4 decades and Major's in 3 decades. His list of partners reads like a "Who's Who" on the all-time list. His influence is felt throughout the world due to his "Ambassador" status. When he hits a routine like the one in Boston 2002, it's like another day in the office for the pride of the Chico Airheads."

According to Laerbs: " was a revelation once I realized I couldn't do all the moves others player could, because I couldn't even touch my toes. So I really started having fun with freestyle when I did what was fun for me - airbrushing and running after the disc more. That puts me on the edge of control & good things usually happen."

Tournament Results
Results are current through 1992
Please email us if there are errors. This list will be complete through 1974 in a year or so.

Major Event Victories Location Division
2006 FPA World Championships Berlin Germany Co-op
2004 FPA World Freestyle Frisbee Championships Rimini Italy Co-op
2002 FPA World Championships Boston, MA US Open Pairs
1996 FPA World Championships New York City, NY US Co-op
1996 US Open Flying Disc Championships Ft. Collins, CO US Co-op
1994 FPA World Championships Santa Cruz, CA US Co-op
1993 FPA Worlds Seattle, WA US Co-op
1992 US Open Ft. Collins, CO US Co-op
1990 FPA World Championships Santa Cruz, CA US Open Pairs
1990 U.S. Open La Mirada, CA US Co-op
1985 World Indoor Championships San Diego, CA US Co-op
Event Victories
The Jammers 2010 Jacksonville Beach, FL US Open Format
Paganello Freestyle Challenge Rimini Italy Co-op
2006 Cologne Random Co-op and regular Open Pairs Cologne Germany Open Pairs
The 2005 Jammers Jacksonville Beach, FL US Open Format
2005 Paganello Freestyle Challenge Rimini Italy Co-op
2004 29th Annual Arizona States Freestyle and Overall Tournament Scottsdale, AZ US Open Format
2002 World Masters Overall Flying Disc Championships Worcester, MA US Open Format
2002 Colorado State Championships Ft. Collins, CO US Open Format
2001 Manpico Open Santa Cruz, CA US Co-op
2001 Jammers Championships Jacksonville, FL US Open Pairs
2001 Masters Flying Disc Championships Boulder, CO US Open Format
2000 Colorado States Fort Collins, CO US Open Pairs
2000 Puerto Rico Open San Juan, PR US Open Pairs
2000 Paganello Rimini Italy Open Format
1999 Summerfest - Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI US Open Pairs
1999 Summerfest - Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI US Mixed Pairs
1999 Masters Overall Championships Minneapolis, MN US Masters Open
1999 Paganello - Rimini, Italy Rimini Italy Open Format
1998 Masters Overall - Santa Maria Santa Maria, CA US Masters Open
1998 Disc Or Die - Fort Collins Fort Collins, CO US Open Format
1998 Midwest Flying Disc Championships Milwaukee, WI US Open Pairs
Paganello - Rimini 1998 Rimini Italy Open Format
1997 California States/Indian Summer Sonoma, CA US Open Format
1997 Santa Cruz Beach Classic Santa Cruz, CA US Co-op
1996 Arizona States Scottsdale, AZ US Open Pairs
1996 Northern California States/Indian Summer Cotati, CA US Open Format
1996 Masters Overall Flying Disc Championships Easton, MA US Masters Open
1996 Wintertime Open Pasadena, CA US Open Format
1995 FPA Northwest Championships Yakima, WA US Open Pairs
1994 Masters Championships Atlanta, GA US Masters Open
1985 Oak Grove La Canada, CA US Open Format
Wham-O! I.F.A. North American Series: Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA US Open Format
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