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Ayal Benin
Born: Haifa, Israel

Height: 176cm

Profession: Circus Artist, Audio Visual artist

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Career highlights: - Winning The First Israeli Freestyle Championships with Yinon Werner. - Fulfill a dream and do Freestyle for my living.

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Mentor(s): Zvika Shacham, Dori Yaniv, Arnon Avitzur, Barak Lifshitz, Tom Leitner, Paul Kenny and lots more

Started playing: 2003

How I started playing: I started playing catch on the beach with some locals, later I knew Dori Yaniv, who introduced me to professional disc sports. I fell in love with Freestyle and have been playing since then.

Favorite move: Big air Barrel Gitis roll

Partners past & present: Eilam Raz, John Titcomb & Dan "Lusti" Lustiger Yinon Werner, Itay Gal.

Ayal studied in Carampa circus school in Madrid, Spain
and Le Lido, centre municipal des arts du cirque in Toulouse, France.

He performed with discs in different shows and events in many countries almost always mixing Freestyle disc techniques with juggling and other circus skills.

2004 Paganello.
2004 Israeli Freestyle Indoors Championships.
2005 Israel Freestyle Championships.
2006 Israel Freestyle Championships.

Tournament Results
Results are current through 1992
Please email us if there are errors. This list will be complete through 1974 in a year or so.

Event Victories
2004 Israeli Freestyle Indoors Championships Savion Israel Open Pairs
All tournament victories (entered in the database so far) for Ayal Benin are shown above.
Finals Appearances at Non-Major Events (excluding wins)
Rank Event Name Location Division
2.  2005 Israel Freestyle Championships Hertzeliya Israel Open Pairs
Other Results (excluding finals)
Rank Event Name Location Div./Round
9.  2004 Paganello Rimini Italy Open Pairs Prelims
11.  2004 Paganello Rimini Italy Open Pairs Prelim Playoff
5.  2004 Paganello Rimini Italy Co-op Semi-Finals
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