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Overhand wrist flip
« on: December 06, 2005, 01:58:12 PM »
For this throw, stand facing your target. Begin with the same grip as the Thumber, then turn your arm and wrist over. With your wrist cocked backward, swing your arm above your shoulder and snap your wrist forward towards the target. Remember to keep the outside edge of the disc tilted slightly downward at the point of release.

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Re: Overhand wrist flip
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2006, 11:20:16 AM »
This throw can be great for vertical type sets as well as floaters that start at a higher point of release.  OWF is cool coming from a tall player because the snap occurs and you can actually see the underside of the disc as they release ... and it is floating above your head for the whole opposed to a backhand or sidearm with start below the waist...A LITTLE DRILL...relax your hand...hold it in front of you without a disc and let the wrist fall slap it up as far as it will go and let it go limp again....if you can get your fingers to be like the end of a whip you are getting the motion.  So now with a disc in hand, bend the elbow and make the arm look like a chicken-wing- the disc will be close to your body and you can rotate at hips -twist back then as you come forward-snap wrist firmly upwards and reach your nail into can whip it over to UD or go to center for flat delay or to rim for a roll.... As is any throw think about a tennis stroke= start back and transfer weight forward then contact the ball and follow we do the same and substitute the SNAP for the contact of ball to racket and follow-through.  When the disc wobbles you are not applying spin in the exact angle the disc plane is moving forward in.  You can practice this by simulating toss and watching the disc as you rotate it without releasing VISUALIZE the wing of an is slightly angled upwards and is traveling directly thru the wing- so must the snap rotate in PLANE of disc- check it out.
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