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Rob Capper
Milton Keynes, UK

Long Time UK player - i.e. Old!!
Hila Yaniv
Copenhagen, Denmark

i play for 8 years and competed in FPA2004 and two paganello's in 2003 & 2004
Paul Smith
Minneapolis, MN, US

4th place at the FPA World Freestyle Frisbee Chanpionships, open pairs with The Iceman Pat Marron
2013 FPA Discs Available

The new FPA discs are in! Renew your FPA Competitor Level Membership now for all of your competitions in 2013!

The FPA would like to thank all the designers who spent time developing FPA designs. This year's beautiful and inspiring design was created by the very talented Fabio Vinciguerra! For his contribution, Fabio received 10 discs, and a Platinum-level FPA membership. The design will also be posted at the FPA Store at zazzle.com where shirts, buttons and other promotional items can be ordered.

Thanks, everyone, for supporting our organization and renewing your membership today!


FPA Website Redesign In Progress

In case you haven't noticed, the most up to date sources for news about the Worldwide Freestyle Community these days are the Facebook Page and Shrednow. This site will be completely overhauled before long. The new FPA website will feature interactive tournament information, educational resources, director blogs, and active membership forums. The FPA is hard at work to make the site as useful as possible for our members, while also preserving all the data and functionality of the old site. Check back here in 2014 and in the meantime keep spreading the jam!
2013 FPA World Championships: Final Results

Courtesy of Shrednow

Matt Gauthier, Lisa Hunrichs and Arthur Coddington all scored double wins on the final day of the 2013 FPA World Championships in Santa Cruz, California. The champions:

Women’s Pairs: Lisa Hunrichs/Cindy St. Mary
Open Pairs: Arthur Coddington/Jake Gauthier
Mixed Pairs: Lisa Hunrichs/Matt Gauthier
Open Co-op: Arthur Coddington/Matt Gauthier/Dave Murphy

2013 FPA World Championships
Santa Cruz, CA
August 18, 2013


1. Lisa Hunrichs/Cindy St. Mary (63.4: E 24.9; AI 21.4; D 17.1) [video]
2. Amy Schiller/Bianca Strunz (59.2: E 23.2; AI 19.2; D 16.8) [video]
3. Emma Kahle/Mary Lowry (48.8: E 20.4; AI 15.1; D 13.3) [video]
4. Irena Kulisanova/Bethany Sanchez (48.2: E 19.7; AI 14.0; D 14.5) [video]


1. Arthur Coddington/Jake Gauthier (73.4: E 29.1; AI 23.3; D 21.0) [video]
2. Matt Gauthier/James Wiseman (72.8: E 28.5; AI 24.2; D 20.1) [video]
3. Paul Kenny/Dave Murphy (69.9: E 26.7; AI 21.9; D 21.3) [video 1 | video 2]
4. Joakim Arveskär/Reto Zimmerman (68.6: E 27.5; AI 21.2; D 19.9) [video]
5. Tom Leitner/Randy Silvey (67.6: E 28.5; AI 18.4; D 20.7) [video]
6. Claudio Cigna/Marco Prati (66.7: E 25.6; AI 19.5; D 21.6) [video]
7. Mehrdad Houssanian/Daniel O’Neill (58.3: E 23.5; AI 16.0; D 18.8) [video]
8. Manuel Cesari/Dan Lustiger (56.4: E 23.3; AI 13.9; D 19.2) [video]


1. Lisa Hunrichs/Matt Gauthier (70.2: E 27.2; AI 24.4; D 18.6) [video]
2. Irena Kulisanova/Randy Silvey (70.0: E 28.2; AI 25.2; D 16.6) [video]
3. Lori Daniels/Dave Murphy (62.4: E 26.5; AI 19.9; D 16.0) [video]
4. Emma Kahle/Marco Prati (61.8: E 25.8; AI 18.8; D 17.2) [video]
5. Cindy St. Mary/Paul Kenny (60.6: E 25.5; AI 17.7; D 17.4) [video]
6. Amy Schiller/Dave Schiller (55.0: E 21.2; AI 15.8; D 18.0) [video]


1. Arthur Coddington/Matt Gauthier/Dave Murphy (66.5: E 24.7; AI 21.5; D 20.3) [video]
2. Jake Gauthier/Paul Kenny/Jeff O’Brien (63.6: E 24.7; AI 20.5; D 18.4) [video]
3. Larry Imperiale/Randy Silvey/Bill Wright (62.6: E 24.2; AI 21.0; D 17.4) [video]
4. Rainer Doerr/Matteo Feller/Andrea Meola (56.2: E 26.1; AI 13.8; D 16.3) [video]
5. Tom Leitner/Mike Reid/Dave Schiller (55.1: E 20.9; AI 15.1; D 19.1) [video]
6. James Wiseman/Dan Yarnell/Ryan Young (55.1: E 22.0; AI 14.2; D 18.9) [video]

News Articles:

Santa Cruz Sentinal: Freestyle World Championships: Lisa Hunrichs, Arthur Coddington and Matt Gauthier each win multiple titles on final day

Deutscher Freestyle Frisbee Verein: Turnierergebnis: Amerikaner dominieren die Weltmeisterschaften – zwei Deutsche spielten jedoch ganz oben mit

2014 FPA Disc Design Contest

The FPA board looks again to the brave artists among us to submit their offers to the 2014 Disc Design Contest. The deadline is October 4, 2013. Send designs (including previous submissions) or questions to your FPA Director of Education, James Wiseman, at jrwiseman2@gmail.com.

The winning designer will receive 10 discs, a jammer-level FPA membership and packet, as well as promotional appreciation and links on the FPA website. The design will also be posted on the FPA store at zazzle.com, where you can find all the FPA paraphernalia you need.

The requirements:

1. Light ink (no large solid areas) and very little or no ink in the center.

2. Include the words "Freestyle Players Association" and "freestyledisc. org." Traditionally, special emphasis and attention will be given to those designs that incorporate the names (or likenesses) of the 2012 FPA World Champions. This is not mandatory.

3. Print specs for the disc are as follows:

Two colors! Send each color separation as an individual file or on separate layers.

6.5 inches (16.5 cm) in diameter

Minimum line weight tolerance: 1pt

Maximum line weight: no larger than approximately 1 inch (2.5 cm)

Please be sure to use the "create outline" option on all text for Illustrator and PhotoShop files.

4. The design becomes property of the FPA and the FPA reserves the right to modify the submitted design.

5. Format. For judging purposes we just need a jpeg, have the others files ready. The final design can be either an Adobe Illustrator (Mac and PC) file, Adobe PhotoShop (Mac and PC) files, or .tif files.

6. All artwork submitted electronically should be two megabytes or less. You can use WinZip (PC) or Stuff-it (Mac) if you need to compress your file to make the file smaller.

Send questions and artwork to jrwiseman2@gmail.com

FPA Announces Spread The Jam Grants

Have a freestyle project that needs a little seed money? The new Spread The Jam Grant Program (pdf | doc) could help with support of up to USD500. Grants will support creative ideas and programs that help promote freestyle in local communities around the world, create links between the FPA and projects/events within local communities, serve members' needs, and create documentation that help and inspire others.

Program info is available for download (pdf | doc). Learn more and apply for your grant!

2010 FPA World Championships - Seattle

The 2010 FPA World Championships were August 5-8 in Seattle, Washington. Congratulations to this year's champions!

Women's Pairs: Lisa Hunrichs/Cindy Kruger
Open Pairs: Arthur Coddington/Matteo Gaddoni
Mixed Pairs: Amy Schiller/Dave Schiller
Open Co-op: Joakim Arveskar/Clay Collera/Reto Zimmerman

Shrednow has published full results. Video from all the teams is available at our FPA YouTube Channel and photos from event photographer Scott Holter.

2010 Limited Edition Disc Avail To FPA Members

Join today and get 2 tournament quality discs!

Membership Levels
Jammer - Competitor - Platinum

More discs and DVDs at the FPA Store.
Freestyle Jam Camp!
Los Angeles, January 2-3 2010!

Great Fun Makes a Difference. How do you change the world? For us, it's one disc, one new catch, one new throw, one new idea, one new smile. Our mission: to bring great fun to all by spreading the jam. Hosted by Tita Ugalde and sponsored by the FPA.

Lori Daniels Elected New FPA Executive Director

Lori Daniels (Oregon) has been elected by FPA members as the new volunteer FPA Exective Dirctor starting in 2010!

Also check out her winning 2010 disc design above.It was a very good disc year for Lori when you consider she also won her first FPA world title with Sarah Bergman in Berlin in August 2009!

2010 FPA Worlds Returns To Seattle

It is with great pleasure and excitement to officially announce that the 31st Annual 2010 FPA World Championships will be held at Historic Greenlake Field in Seattle from Thursday, August 5th through Sunday, August 8th, 2010. Your 2010 FPAW Directors are Jeff Kruger, Mary Lowry, and Lisa Hunrichs.

Our 2009 FPA World Champions

The champions from the 2009 FPA Freestyle Frisbee World Championships Berlin are:

Open Pairs: Tom Leitner and Matteo "Gaddoz" Gaddoni
Women's Pairs: Sarah Bergman and Lori Daniels
Co-op: Arthur Coddington, Tom Leitner and Randy Silvey
Mixed Pairs: Valerio Occorsio and Silvia Caruso
Our 2008 FPA World Champions

The 2008 FPA World Championships in Bologna, Italy on July 31 - August 3 2008 were a hot and huge success. The champions are:

Open Pairs: Tom Leitner and Dave Schiller
Women's Pairs: Lisa Hunrichs and Cindy Kruger
Co-op: Clay Collera, Joakim Arveskar and Reto Zimmerman
Mixed Pairs: Dave and Amy Schiller

Latest freestyle blog headlines at shrednow.com:

  • Support FPA Jam Camp! Purchase a Jam Camp T-shirt for only $12! Long sleeves also available for only $15! Contact Tita for your shirts now and support Jam Camp!

    The FPA is happy to announce that the winner of the 2008 Disc Design competition: Italian up-and-comer, Michele Casadei! Michele has won 10 FPA discs and a free jammer-level membership for one year. The FPA would also like to thank Lori Daniels for the excellent images used on the disc. Thank you to all the artists that submitted designs!

    The 2007 FPA Freestyle Frisbee World Championships took place in Amsterdam, Netherlands on June 21-24, 2007 and had the most competitors ever in FPAW history! The champions are:
    Open Pairs: Jake and Matt Gauthier
    Women's Pairs: Eleonora Imazio and Sylvia Caruso
    Co-op: Fabio Sanna, Andrea Meola and Antonio "Cusma" Piccioni
    Mixed Pairs: Lisa Hunrichs and Matt Gauthier

    The 2007 European Freestyle Frisbee Championships invaded Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy on September 8-9. The 2007 European Champions are:
    Open Pairs: Fabio Sanna and Matteo Gaddoni
    Co-op: Clay Collera, Roland Karlsson and Joakim Arveskar
    Freestyle Jam Camp 2007 was a huge success!

    Jam Camp was held Dec. 28-30 2007 and was created by Tita Ugalde as a grassroots educational camp for beginners and intermediate players!

    Each participant received a jammer-level FPA membership with all the discs and goodies included in addition to an excellent Tool Kit including nails, glue, silicone, and much more! A handfuyl of world champions were Jam Camp instructors.
    Thanks for the photo, Dori.

    The 2006 FPA Freestyle Frisbee World Championships were in Germany (Berlin) on July 28-30, 2006 for the first time ever and was the largest FPA Worlds in the history of the sport!. First time world champions included: Sarah Bergman (Women's), Fabio Sanna and Elenora Imazio (mixed) and Jake and Matt Gauthier (Open Pairs).

    The best European freestylers competed at EFC2006. 2006 European Freestyle Frisbee Champions were: Open Pairs - Clay Collera & Fabio Sanna (Italia); Open Co-op - Florian Hess & Christian Lamred of Germany & Antonio "Cusma" Piccioni (Italia); Mixed Pairs - Fabio Sanna & Eleonora Imazio; and Women's Individual - Silvia Caruso.

    Watch Fabio´s Highlight video.

    If you want to learn freestyle frisbee fast, learn from the pros! Get a FREE DVD:

    Secrets of Pro Disc Freestyle Vol 1
    (Jam like a Pro)

    with each Wham-O 160gm freestyle disc you buy. Order now from the FPA Store and support our non-profit organization!
    The FPA Forum is back with a "Learn Freestyle Frisbee" focus for novice and pros alike!
    Want to know what a certain move is? Want to know its history? How to do it? Ask a freestyle legend at Skippy Sez! Visit the FPA Forum often at freestyledisc.org/learn_to_jam!

    One of the best FPA World Championships ever! The 27th Annual 2005 FPA Freestyle Frisbee World Championships at Seattle's Greenlake Park not only had ESPN covering some of the action, but there was a huge player and spectator turn out, not to mention perfect weather all week-end!

    Dave Schiller, having been absent from the past 3 FPA Worlds, had the best competitive day ever in the sport's history - 3 World Titles and dropless in all 3 finals. Tommy Leitner was Dave's partner for 2 of those titles (co-op and pairs), along with Joel Rogers (co-op) and Dave's wife Amy Schiller (mixed).

    A new generation of international competitors rocks the 26th Annual 2004 Freestyle Frisbee World Championships in Rimini Italy! This year's event saw the largest international field in the event's history, and inspired play by many of the world's best players. First time world titles were won by Matt Gauthier (Mixed) & Toddy Brodeur (Co-op).

    International player highlights included Open Pairs finals appearances by the young Italian team of Fabio Sanna and Stefano Mestroni, and veterans Reto Zimmerman (Switzerland), Clay Collera (Italy) & Thomas Gerben (Austria). Also reaching finals in the Co-op division was the new Italian team of Eduardo Favorini, Lorenzo Apriani and Alessandro Damiano. Amit Peled (Israel) wins the Future Jammer Award. Read the press release.
    The 2003 FPA Pro Disc Freestyle™ Championships were a huge success September 5-7, 2003 on the beaches of Rimini, Italy.  And if you read Italian, check out this article in La Repubblica.
    Judy Robbins and Mary Lowry win Women's and Dave Lewis and Arthur Coddington win the Open Division at the 2003 World Disc Games in Santa Cruz, CA on July 13, 2003.
    See the latest Nike TV advertisement featuring Pro Disc Freestyle™ stars Dave Murphy and Dave "Spike" Lewis.

    The Freestyle Players Association was formed as a not for profit organization to oversee the competitive aspects of the sport of Disc Freestyle. The FPA is also the focal point for education, and continually strives to teach recreational disc players how to freestyle.

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