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December 1997

Forum On-Line is the on-line magazine for the Freestyle Players Association (FPA), providing an opportunity for members to communicate about the sport we love. For the latest news, statistics, videos, and other great information about freestyle Frisbee, visit Tom Leitner's award winning Freestyle Frisbee Page.

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Skippy Sez Amy Bekken and Dave Schiller are Players of the Year for 1997.Dave Schiller and Amy Bekken

Amy Bekken and Dave Schiller

What's up with Forum On-Line?

Photo Gallery - cool photos you haven't seen before

Promote yourself and the sport - order the hottest freestyle video ever!

Spin Doctor - Larry Imperiale - Reprint from Rocky Mountain Sports

Juniors keep getting better and better.

Voices from the Past - 1978 Interview with Joey Hudoklin

New Rankings - Arthur Coddington tops list of 500 freestylers (be patient, it's 150K).

Instructional Tips from the Past - Bill King says the Lid is never dead with Necrophilia.

Improve audience perception, by Bill Wright, President of the World Flying Disc Federation

Diff Ain't the Devil, by Dave Lewis, FPA World Co-Op Champion

Encourage professional routines, By Randy Silvey, 1997 World Pairs Champion

A purists' perspective: Let's Jam! By Mark Regalbutti, 1997 Comeback Player of the Year

Random Jams - Comments about the judging system and other hot topics

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